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Lesser Town Square

Lesser Town Square in the heart of Mala Strana. Most of the buildings around the square include the medieval era, but all of them have been remodeled in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and slightly clouded busy tram intersection.

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Nerudova street

If you go from the Lesser Town Square to the Prague Castle, you will pass through beautiful scenic street Nerudova named Jan Neruda. He was a well-known Czech poet, who lived in the house for naming "At the Two Suns» (№ 47). All houses in Prague earlier observed signs until 1770, when it was introduced a new way of numbering. ...

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Vinohrady beautiful residential area of Prague, which has a reputation of prestigious and elegant area. It covers the administrative part of Prague 2, Prague 3 and Prague 10. Most of its buildings in the neo-Renaissance, modern, pseudo-Baroque and neo-Gothic buildings in the second half of the XIX century and the first half of the XX-th, and many of them have ...

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Old-New Synagogue

Old-New Synagogue is the Jewish quarter of Josefov, the oldest functioning synagogue in Europe second-oldest active synagogue in the world. Founded New Synagogue (Staronová Synagogue) in 1270. The name comes from the fact that when the synagogue was built already existed a synagogue, so that it was named the new synagogue and the other old. Later the old synagogue was ...

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Best taste of beer Pilsner U Zlatého tygra (Golden Tiger)

Charles Street in the city center is full of backpackers, walk from Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. However, some of them go a little off the route to the temple of Czech beer drinkers - beer restaurant U Zlateho tygra, who became famous through the works of Bohumil Hrabal.

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